The core philosophy of Gratefully Natured is LIFESCHOOLING by venturing OUTSIDE daily and living to what our heart desires by discovering our ZEZZWAH.  Whether restoring a vintage boat, designing a vegetable garden, spending time with family pet, sitting on a rug drawing, smelling the sunshine, writing an adventure novel, building a fort or building a business, Gratefully Natured is opening our eyes to what we can’t see, igniting a passion of lifelong learning.   When stimulated to explore our wonderings, all our senses are heightened, well-being is improved and our mind is receptive to learning.

‘Gratefully Natured’ is Adrianne’s business based at Totoka yet predominately online as Adrianne mentors individuals WORLDWIDE. Adrianne is an educational mentor working with schools, families and public speaking drawing from her vast educational experiences and qualifications, including special education, challenging behavious, leadership to homeschooling her teenage sons as the result of the education system failing to cater for their inpsiring dreams, stifling their creativity and growth. Adrianne is passionate for system reform in order to evolve with our fast thinking creatives of this generation!

Travelling, homeschooling, mainstream education, mentoring parents, teachers and individuals of all ages, wishing to individualise the ‘learning journey’ leading to ‘lifelong learners’.  Lifeschooling inevitably leads to successful educational outcomes as retention, motivation and passion for learning heightens by intrinsic motivation.
Passionate for system reform, Adrianne inspires educators to think laterally about curriculum design and outcomes. Crafting her magic with tailored workshops, whether at Totoka, sites or via Zoom, Adrianne’s wealth of experience including her own sons successes, are evidence of her own ZEZZWAH for lifeschooling!
 ‘Have YOU Ventured Outside Today’?
Research continually concludes that outdoor play is critical to child growth and development. Immersing in nature reduces anxiety, stress and increases creativitiy. Nature quietens the mind so we can hear our souls speak!
Gratefully Natured is for parents, carers, teachers, SSO’s or anyone desiring to broaden their knowledge on individualised learning journeys, enhancing child/youth ZEZZWAH whether homeschooling, mainstream distance education, travelling families, etc. ensuring no family feels lost or alone in this incredible environment of like-minded souls.
We all have our unique flairs that make us who we are…our ZEZZWAH is breathtaking when we step into it! Shining like wild diamonds focussing on unique ‘Flairs of Zezzwah’ not weaknesses, creates intrinsic happiness and self efficacy is heightened.  Discovering our ZEZZWAH, allows our uniqueness to be more wondrous. What’s your ZEZZWAH?
By empowering our next generation to think critically with daily opportunities for creativity, the next invention or new business idea may be amongst us! Adrianne, an educational & business mentor, with her own sons as ‘teenpreneurs’, crafts curriculum to explore the journey of entrepreneurial enterprise!
Research has shown the current ‘standard’ education system in Australia stifles creativity. Although our system suits ‘some’ learners, the vast majority of our children & youth yearn for an overhaul.  Engagement levels are declining at rapid rate, with homeschooling increasing due to parents desperate to re-engage their child. It is time to EVOLVE!

So who is behind Gratefully Natured?

Adrianne Skye is the FOUNDER and MENTOR of Gratefully Natured.
Gratefully Natured is based at Totoka Urban Farm, 22acres of native flora and fauna, boasting multiple businesses and a FAMILY of FIVE whose hearts are WILD and FREE.  Adrianne, David and their three sons have led an exciting life together since 2003, living to their mantra ‘LIVE LIFE FEARLESSLY’, never extinguishing creativity with Gratefully Natured born from a love of lifeschooling immersed in nature!
Adrianne, a down-to-earth Aussie girl, leaves no stone unturned. Her extensive repertoire of abundant business & educational experiences, empowers Adrianne to mentor at esteemed levels with her magnetic spirit.
Accomplished background in educational leadership, learning/behavioural difficulties, physical/outdoor nature based learning and special education. Masters in Education Cognitive Psychology, Graduate Certificates: Learning Difficulties, Special Education and Mental Health is only scratching the surface of Adrianne’s qualifications backed with teaching & mentoring across all sectors of the Australian education system.
Passionate about nature, incredibly evident in her sons, with their inquisitive, connected spirits!  Like many, Adrianne’s stories have taken a life of their own, carving the paths she dared not dreamt of, some not wished for, however truly now grateful that she can mentor creative souls with challenges such as dyslexia and dysgraphia, amongst many other behavioural and learning difficulties.
‘Mumma Bear’ of 3 spirited sons; 2 with dyslexia/dysgraphia, 1 musical, all teenpreneurs and all 3 national age swimmers, herself neurodivergent, living the entrepreneurial dream.  In just a snapshot of her past 20years makes one dizzy; purchased first home at 22yrs of age, created a new business bakehouse 2006 whilst pregnant with first son, shop fit 2 locations, bakehouse & coffee roastery, flipped multiple properties, wholesale Coffee Roasters, selling bakehouse 2017 and incredible family ‘on the road’ half lap Australia 2017. Returning with inspired freedom to purchase their dream urban farm in stunning Adelaide Hills, igniting more family businesses, all whilst in and out of the education sector AND most recently Certificate 4 as a Marriage Celebrant!

Gratefully mentored by local Kaurna elder ‘Uncle Tamaru’, Adrianne introduced in 2021 Kaurna R-7 at local Adelaide hills school; Scott Creek PS (where her 2 younger sons attended for 3yrs), connecting bush tucker cooking to Native Country, complimenting Gratefully Natured’s philosophies.

Adrianne founded Gratefully Natured in 2021 with a desire to make a difference worldwide, the same year she officially registered for HOMESCHOOLING. Her extensive experience in varying behaviours and disabilties has led to powerful strategies in navigating challenging learning dynamics. Consulting directly with educational sites and families seeking mentoring, Gratefully Natured hit the ground running Jan 2022.  With demand increasing rapidly, Adrianne consults with sites and only a limited numbers of families, allowing the remainder of her time to publish content, time on her other businesses, whilst maintaining her family as #1 priority!
Adrianne’s impression from her chapter in 2021 international best-selling book ‘Radiante’…
“Believing you shine like wild diamonds focussing on unique ‘Flairs of Zezzwah’ not weaknesses, creates intrinsic happiness.  Truly special finding peace within and often that ‘bliss’ point of happiness emerges when listening to soul’s desires with abundance mindset”.
Gratefully Natured is all about finding YOUR ZEZZWAH so you can live with your heart WILD & FREE!



Affirming the proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, here at Gratefully natured we are stoked to be a part of your village!  Since lifeschooling is all around us, what better way than to be inspired by Adrianne than to immerse in her world…with hearts WILD & FREE!

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Have a Wondering?  FAQ’s…

If your question isn’t answered, please reach out via contact form bottom of this page.

What is Adrianne's Academic Qualifications (recent to oldest)?

*Certificate 4 Celebrancy – Authorised Marriage Celebrant
*Masters in Education  – Specialisation: Cognitive Psychology and Educational Practice
*Post Graduate Certificates in Education – Specialisation: Learning Difficulties & Special Education
*Post Graduate Certificate in Mental Health for Teaching Professions – Specialisation: Health & Well-Being
*Bachelor of Education – Junior Primary/Primary
Major: Physical & Outdoor Education
Minors: Arts & Nature Based Learning
*Level 1 Swimming Instructor
*Fitness Leaders Certificate – Aqua Aerobics & Personal Training

Adrianne's Achievements?

~ 3 amazingly motivated, spirited, HAPPY sons!
~ Co-Author in BEST-SELLING book ‘Radiante’.
~ Co-Author of Screening and Assessment Resource, published for SA department of Education.
~ Author of draft ‘Reach for the Stars’, sadly funding was withdrawn from our disabilities team in public education head office and never made it to print – property of department thus unable to print.
~ So modest that as I write this list, my mind is blank! 

What exactly is 'Gratefully Natured' about?

With the vast experience and qualifications that Adrianne holds, Gratefully Natured is about venturing outside daily, lifeschooling by living to our individual strengths, guided by dreams and desires. Adrianne is incredible when it comes to meeting curriculum outcomes, yet engaging learners to what their hearts desire, creating lifelong learners.
Adrianne has clients worldwide however the focus remains the same, it is always student/family centred therefore each client has their own unique learning journey.

What is 'ZEZZWAH'?

Adrianne came up with the term ‘ZEZZWAH’ after feeling a new word needed to be born with a brand new uplifting meaning! ZEZZWAH is what makes each and every one of us UNIQUE!  By living to our own individual strengths, guided by dreams and desires, emotional equanimity will be achieved.  The essential element of lifeschooling whether in mainstream education, homeschooling, open access, distance education or beyond is discovering our ‘ZEZZWAH‘ (Adrianne Skye).
Adrianne now finds herself mentoring a larger number of budding teenpreneurs and families are welcome to Adrianne’s business group Experiences if they have a budding entrepreneur in their family.

How does literacy & numeracy fit into nature based learning?

Adrianne is passionate about the love of reading and writing and believes literacy & numeracy can be taught in a fun, engaging way, weaved throughout nature based learning and lifeschooling.  Adrianne recommends approximately 30mins per day for each English and Maths learning areas, however this is easily achieved  in nature such as reading in a hammock, laying on a rug playing maths games, creating a novel or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  Ever tried journalling or writing a story whilst watching a wild animal? The list is endless on ways to link literacy & numeracy in nature but also day to day living. 
Adrianne provides engaging strategies to increase literacy and numeracy outcomes for learners, as well as some extension for those students wishing to explore these curriculum areas further.  Adrianne’s wealth of experience is evident with the plentiful strategies, interventions and accomodations that can engage reluctant learners and/or with learning difficulties.

What ages does Adrianne mentor?

All ages, from early years through to adults, as everyone benefits from venturing outside daily.  Immersed with doing what our heart desires, weaving it into the curriculum or just learning a lifeskill that you have always wished to explore.
Adrianne’s vast experience IN schools when teaching, was focused in junior primary and primary years, PE/Outdoor, nature based learning and special education. Now homeschooling her teenage sons, she has hands-on experience of a different education system altogether.
Adrianne’s passion is all about finding your own unique ZEZZWAH and will ignite learning within you according to your own ZEZZWAH.

Mentoring/Public Speaking for Schools, educational sites or conferences/summits?

YES, absolutely!  Adrianne has over 2 years extensive experience as a Project Officer, Learning Difficulties Team, head office state education department South Australia, travelling statewide training/public speaking with audiences of 200+ people, departmental sites from child-care to TAFE, including working with speech pathologists, psychologists, guidance officers, beyond blue, disabilities services and behaviour units. 
Together with leadership roles and managing her own businesses previously with 30+ employees, Adrianne’s understanding of policies and procedures is incredible, making her a sought after educational mentor and motivational speaker.
Alternatively if you are wishing to fund travel costs, Adrianne is happy to discuss travelling for professional development seminars/summits.
Please contact Adrianne directly (link below) for custom quotes.

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)?

NDIS self and plan-managed are encouraged to engage Gratefully Natured due to extensive individualised plans.  Adrianne mentors a large percentage of self managed families, tailoring the sessions/experiences to their plans with a focus on nature based activities from her urban farm.  This has evolved from years of study in the benefits of immersing in nature for well-being and education. See the NDIS page for more details.

$$$ Costs for family 1:1 Mentoring ONLINE with Adrianne?

Prices are listed on the EXPERIENCES page under ‘Adrianne Mentoring’. Free initial phone call to customise mentoring package for quote.
NDIS self managed are encouraged to engage Gratefully Natured due to extensive individualised plans.
Please contact Adrianne (link below) for 1:1 support and she will be in contact promptly.
1:1 mentoring online is popular as Adrianne mentors worldwide and eliminating travelling thus reduces costs. Only limited spots available per week for 1:1 ONLINE.

Does Gratefully Natured publish FREE content?

Absolutely YES! 
We have some great journeys on YouTube (link above) and our Podcast is FREE which is to be released late 2023.  PLUS many reels and posts on our social media so make sure you follow and subscribe to ALL!


Where is Gratefully Natured located?

Gratefully Natured is based at Totoka Urban Farm, Coromandel East.
Group mentoring is able to be booked ONLINE or IN-PERSON at Totoka which includes the use of their coffee roastery, especially popular for school professional development!
Alternatively if you are wishing to fund travel costs, Adrianne is happy to discuss travelling for professional development seminars/summits.

Do families need to be qualified to homeschool?

Parents are foremost their child’s first teacher and can often be their child’s best teacher, however it does come down to the relationship and dynamics of each family.  Parents do not need to be qualified teachers in order to homeschool, however mentoring support from qualified educators, will increase educational knowledge for individualised curriculum.

Why does Adrianne run multiple businesses out of Totoka Urban Farm?

With over 20years in business one thing became obvious to Adrianne…Followers enjoy a particular theme and when Adrianne’s passions were crossed on social media, it confused the audience. For example, posting about a day in homeschool life on farm page that offers elopements, honey & coffee!
Adrianne decided to split her businesses on social media/ASIC registration. Since they all derive from Totoka Urban farm, her home base, it was logical to be all on one website!
Education – Gratefully Natured
Business – Australian Business CollectiV
Apiculture, horticulture, specialty coffee roasters, experiences, villa & shindigs at Totoka = Totoka Urban Farm
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My boys are loving the mentoring and videos that Gratefully Natured offers on YouTube. They are engaged, inspired and look forward to the zoom calls each week. I am loving the mentoring myself, it is helping me to feel organised, clear in my intentions and more relaxed. Adrianne is awesome!

Contact Adrianne

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